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The Bonny Company is a small business specialising in wood to cork laminations. We handcraft cruiser skateboards that, as well as being bonny, are the smoothest in the land.

We finally established in 2020 amid the pandemic chaos that was sweeping across the world. Each board is made to order -  pressed and shaped in our workshop based in Dundee, Scotland.

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Cork Construction

Our boards also feature layers of vibration dampening cork. This fantastic renewable material has many amazing qualities. We use it as it provides an extremely smooth ride by absorbing micro vibrations from the road - making Bonny Boards a truly unique experience.

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Wood and timber has been a valuable material for thousands of years. In the recent generations we have taken that for granted. Now more than ever we need to be conscious about our planet and everything on it. In our case though - trees.​

With our face veneers (wood veneer used for the boards aesthetic) we make sure that we are not overusing any one species of tree. This is the most attractive wood out of all the materials we usewhich means the tree can be in danger or more sought after in the veneering industry. This can also lead to over foresting beautiful old trees. However, the price of veneer often keeps up with the sustainability/availability of any specific tree or grain pattern. We source veneer that has come from a tree near the end of its life or that has been naturally felled. When a run of veneer comes to an end we move onto a new species unless a viable and sustainable option to keep the same wood type is available.

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Always the Highest Quality

When we source our Canadian maple we make sure that it is coming from a good source and that we pay a good price. Timber should not be cheap, especially in todays practices. Canadian maple skateboards shouldn't ever be sold at £30 - it drives the harvest of more trees which can lead to unsustainable foresting.

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