Skateboards, Furniture & Functional Art. Handcrafted, Pressed & Shaped in Scotland.

'Observations' by Blair Mccafferty

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Artist Series Decks

The graphic ‘Brain Freeze’ by Calum Orr is the first of our small batch artist series releases.

Calum studied at DJCAD right here in Dundee and specialises in graphic based illustrations and poster designs. His graphic is laser etched on raw/natural maple.

The decks are handcrafted with 7-ply layers the finest Canadian maple.

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Cork Layered Cruisers

Our cruisers are bespoke and hand crafted, pressed and shaped in Scotland. They consist of 11 ply layers, comprising of Canadian maple and vibration dampening cork. These layers of cork provide a perfectly smooth ride - resulting in the smoothes in the land. The eco alternative cork grip tape is barefoot-friendly for those summer days and also protects your shoes from the wear and tear that comes with skating.

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